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7 Things Moms Can Refuse At The Hospital During Labor And After Delivery

If you are planning to deliver your baby at the local hospital, then you will need to be aware of your rights. Be prepared to be pressured by nurses to do things that you are not completely comfortable with, and with that said, you absolutely have the right to refuse anything you are not 100 percent comfortable with. After all, you are going to be doing something absolutely incredible and this will be an overwhelming experience, especially if you are having your first baby. If you feel you are pressured to do something you are not comfortable with, then you absolutely have the right to refuse that thing. Let’s go over 7 things that any mom can refuse at the hospital while in labor, or after delivery:

A Delivery Room That Is Crowded – You will know that your parents, your in-laws, and even siblings if you have a good relationship with them, will be looking forward to meeting that new person that is coming into their families! However, if the idea of having everyone in the delivery room while you are in labor makes you extremely uneasy, which it would for most new moms, or second or third time moms – then you absolutely have the right to tell them to stay in the waiting area until you are ready for them to come in to meet the newcomer. In fact, the only individual that you will likely want in the delivery room with you while you are in labor and after the fact is your significant other, and the nurses that are assisting you. And that is it.

Never-Ending Cervical Checks – If you have had complications with your cervix during your pregnancy, then that is one thing that you will need to put up with. However, the majority of the time that is not the case. And, nurses may be wanting to check your cervix all of the time. They will want to see how dilated your cervix is which is meaningless after you are in active labor. You have every right to refuse it if your cervix was checked just minutes ago. It serves no purpose and these unnecessary cervical checks become a nuisance which is the last thing any mom in labor wants to face.

A Lactation Consultant – If you are not planning to breastfeed, then you have every right to stick to that choice. You also have every right to tell any lactation consultants that start coming your way to leave because you have no intention of breastfeeding. And, you also have don’t have to listen to them if they try to push you otherwise.

Medical Students Being Around To Watch You Deliver – Sometimes the hospital staff will want medical students to be present while you are about to deliver. You have every right to refuse them from being there. Some moms don’t mind, but if you do, do not feel shy to tell them to leave you alone as you only want your significant other to be in the delivery room as well as the necessary medical staff. That excludes medical students.

Having A Nurse That You Don’t Get Along With – Unfortunately, this happens often. Nurses will hit the nerve of any mom in labor, and the fact that they don’t see eye to eye will only bring on more stress which is the last thing that the mom in labor needs. Any mom in labor has the right to refuse to have that particular nurse in charge of her care and can most definitely request another nurse to take over.

Pain Medication – Most moms in labor want the epidural but some do not, and if they want to deliver completely naturally, then they have the right. Even for moms that wanted the epidural should not be forced to take other pain medication if they are not comfortable. However, nurses and doctors may push it and the mom has the right to refuse.

Nurses Hovering Over You When You Are In The Bathroom – After delivering whether it is naturally or via C-section, you will be in a rough state and will be encouraged to use the bathroom. And that is something that you will need to do. However, some nurses will literally watch you go to the bathroom and you have every right to refuse it and take your dignity back that you had lost while you were in labor. Now you know of the 7 things that any mom in labor or after delivery can refuse at the hospital which should make you relax more. Good luck with the delivery and remember your power.

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Copyright © 2019 by www.howtogetpregnantguide.com - All rights reserved.